Top 6 reasons why SMB should choose Office 365 over the G-Suite

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As a small to midsize business, one of the top priorities is being able to do more with less. Microsoft Office 365 helps further this goal because it has low upfront costs, an extensive array of features, a familiar Microsoft experience and 99.9% uptime.

Here are the top 10 advantages your business obtains when they choose Office 365 over the G-Suite.

Security of your business data

Office 365 comes with built in enterprise-grade security capabilities. You retain full ownership of your data and Microsoft does not use your data to sell to advertisers. The security infrastructure of Microsoft is harnessed for your business. You get access to the secure data centers Microsoft maintains across the world. The data agreement you sign with Office 365 clearly indicates that you retain full privacy over your information and that it is not used for other businesses to target you.

Alternatively, Google does not offer the same data security terms. There are minimal Data Loss Prevention and Information Rights Management features which leaves Gmail inboxes vulnerable to hacks and reputation-damaging data leaks.

Work flexibility anytime, anywhere.

Office 365 for Business can be accessed on any platform, online or offline. This allows for your business to be productive with minimal disruptions and lessens your organization’s dependence on internet connection. In comparison, Google Apps for Work are exclusively accessible through the web and has an inconsistent experience across other devices.

Your holistic business technology system

Office 365 for Business offers a lot more than the Office favourites of Word, PowerPoint and Excel. On top of getting the latest and greatest version of each of the most widely used applications, Office 365 for Business offers a host of rich new applications. These include SharePoint, Yammer, Skype for Business and Outlook. Meanwhile, Google Apps for Work lack key functionalities such as Mail Merge and would require your IT team to scramble to find 3rd party alternatives to fill the functionality gaps. Having a complicated technology infrastructure where there are several different application providers can confuse your staff and lead to incompatible file formats. Save yourself the headache of having to manually integrate your technology infrastructure with the holistic solutions offered by Office 365 for Business.

Provide customers with a better experience

Office 365 for Business gives customers the power to edit documents. You can have full confidence that customers will view documents as you intend them to, with no surprises of technical glitches or file incompatibility as the files are transferred from person to person.  You’ll be able to provide customers with high quality documents and trust that all customers will know how to use the files because of the widespread use of Office 365 applications.

Meet all of your business needs

Your business has unique needs that don’t fit in cleanly cut categories. Office 365 for Business allows for flexibility and customization that allows your business to select the best options for it. This way, you don’t need to compromise on your business needs and gain tools that best enable productivity.

There are even hybrid options for aspects of your business that need to remain out of the cloud. This gives you the best of both worlds with the option to adapt the services that you are using to your evolving business needs over time.

Use a financially-backed 99.9% service level agreement

Service reliability is a key guarantee of Microsoft. When you use Office 365 for Business you can expect to be fully covered by the Security Level Agreement (SLA). The SLA covers all business-critical productivity services as well as each user on your plan. The methodology is transparent and outline in your agreement. On the other hand, Google does not provide transparency on their business service policy. If there is a disruption, Google only offers service credits at the end of your contract.


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