Top 3 New Microsoft Office 365 PowerPoint Features in 2018

The Power of PowerPoint PropelU Cloud Solutions

Presentations that have that “wow” factor need to be elegantly designed and showcase your creative abilities. Making your presentations stand out doesn’t need to require artistic talent or hours of extra effort to painstakingly design slides, text box by text box. Microsoft Office 365 PowerPoint has features that make creating great designs effortless. In 2018, many new features were added.

Here are our top 3 new features of Microsoft Office 365 PowerPoint

Feature 1: Embedded 3D Animations

Allow your presentations to come to life with animations. Insert animation files directly onto your PowerPoint slide the same way you would insert a static image and watch it delight your audience as you give your presentation. Adding this as a finishing touch with guarantee that you’ll be a memorable presenter and show your flare for style!

3D Animations in Microsoft Office PowerPoint


Feature 2: Convert your digital ink into text and shapes with a click of a button

Never fret about using your digital handwritten notes for professional documents or presentations. With the latest version of Microsoft Office 365 PowerPoint, you’ll be able to select your digital ink writing and convert it to typed text and re-mastered shapes. No need to recreate them for your presentation, you can simply insert your digital notes and modify them.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint


Feature 3: Get AI Powered Design Recommendations

Not an artist? Not a problem. With PowerPoint, you can harness the software’s inbuilt artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing abilities to convert text into tailored slide design recommendations. It’s easy to experiment with different styles as well as adjust the styles later on so that you have slides that fit best with the flow of your whole presentation.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Design in PowerPoint Office 365


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