Top Shortcuts for Outlook Calendar

Microsoft Outlook Calendar Shortcuts PropelU Cloud Solutions

Using keyboard shortcuts are a huge time saver and give you a satisfying productivity boost.

Here are the top keyboard shortcuts for Outlook’s Calendar




Create an appointment (when in the Calendar view)Ctrl+N
Create an appointment (in any Outlook view)Ctrl+Shift+A
Create a meeting requestCtrl+Shift+Q
Forward an appointment or meeting
Reply to a meeting request with a message
Reply All to a meeting request with a message
Show one day in the calendarAlt+1
Show two days in the calendarAlt+2
Show three days in the calendarAlt+3
Show four days in the calendarAlt+4
Show five days in the calendarAlt+5
Show six days in the calendarAlt+6
Show seven days in the calendarAlt+7
Show eight days in the calendarAlt+8
Show nine days in the calendarAlt+9
Show 10 days in the calendarAlt+0
Go to a dateCtrl+G
Switch to Month viewAlt+Equal or Ctrl+Alt+4
Go to the next dayCtrl+Right Arrow
Go to the next weekAlt+Down Arrow
Go to the next monthAlt+Page Down
Go to the previous dayCtrl+Left Arrow
Go to the previous weekAlt+Up Arrow
Go to the previous monthAlt+Page Up
Go to the start of the weekAlt+Home
Go to the end of the weekAlt+End
Switch to Full Week viewAlt+Minus Sign or Ctrl+Alt+3
Switch to Work Week viewCtrl+Alt+2
Go to previous appointmentCtrl+Comma or Ctrl+Shift+Comma
Go to next appointmentCtrl+Period or Ctrl+Shift+Period
Set up recurrence for an open appointment or meetingCtrl+G


Practice using these shortcuts so that they become second nature. You’ll be an Outlook Calendar wizard in no time!



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