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At Propel, we are always looking for the best-in-class business productivity solutions to increase value to your business.  We are proud to announce that Propel Solutions Ltd. is Vancouver’s newest Office 365 Microsoft partner! We are now able to sell Microsoft Office 365 products at Microsoft direct pricing through PropelU. Let our team of experts effortlessly migrate your business to achieve the next level in IT efficiency!  Elevate your business to the cloud to achieve greater productivity and business continuity!

Key Microsoft Partner benefits include:
  • Reduced IT Costs: Do away with the hassle of on-premises servers and their expensive maintenance costs without outsourcing to a hosted IT Provider. With Microsoft Office 365 you will maintain control of your IT. Microsoft Office 365 pricing starts as low as $2.90/user and you pay monthly for only what you need while maintaining control of your licenses. Add or remove licenses effortlessly using the Microsoft Office 365 Admin Center.
  • Access Your Data from Any Device: By moving your information into the cloud you will be able to access your data securely from any device, doing away with the need to maintain costly VPN connections.  Microsoft Office 365 allows you to install your office products on up to five devices, allowing seamless transition and easy set-up of new machines.
  • Keep Your Information Safe (and in Canada): By dealing with Propel Solutions, your data will be hosted only in the Microsoft data centers in Canada, never crossing the border. You can rest assured that your personal information is secured locally. Additionally, you will have access to a variety of threat defense tools to protect your data from both external- and employee-caused data threats.
  • Increased Business Productivity: Rest assured that you will always have the latest versions and features available in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint and Outlook on all of your machines.  You will also gain access to additional Microsoft Products such as Bookings, an online calendar that syncs with Outlook, Flow, a tool that allows you to develop customised workflows to simplify your business, and OneDrive, which allows users to access, store and share files seamlessly. All of these additional products are available at no extra charge to your business with a Microsoft Office 365 License.
  • 24/7 Technical Support: You will have access to Microsoft’s Support 24/7, ensuring minimal disruption in case of problems. This provides our clients with a distinct advantage, that when paired with Office 365’s guaranteed 99.9% uptime, minimizes service disruption and ensures that your IT operations remain efficient.
  • Ensure Business Continuity: In times of data loss, whether intentional or unintentional, Propel Solutions can help, as authorized vendors of Office 365 Backup solutions, so that your product is not only backed up to Microsoft’s cloud, but also protected against deletion off that cloud. We are also proud to now sell Bitdefender, an in-depth antivirus, internet security, and endpoint security software, so that your data is protected from the cyber-attacks along your entire information technology pipeline. Rest assured you will have access to 90 days of backups in the cloud which can be restored at a press of a button.

Let our Expert Technical Team assist you with the selection and implement these integrated cloud solutions to level up your business by improving your supporting technology.  As a firm dedicated to continuous improvement, this partnership allows us to further support our clients’ journeys towards organizational excellence.  Contact us today at 604.346.5185 or info@propels.ca to find out how your organization can benefit from a move to Microsoft Office 365.

A complete listing of products now available is as follows:

  • Exchange Mailbox: Microsoft’s hosted email server, moving your email and archive off-premises for a better email experience.
  • Office 365 Suite: Microsoft’s premier business productivity suite, all hosted with the convenience and peace-of-mind of the Cloud. This includes Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Access and all other Microsoft Products.
  • Office 365 Backup: Ensuring that your Office 365 data is protected, even from accidental or intentional deletion.
  • Replica: A mirror of your data and systems configuration so that, in the case of loss, you are back on line in minutes rather than days.
  • SBackup: 100% supervised backup services of files, folders and certain databases & virtual machines. Online backup service with 60-day history that is monitored continually by professional technicians, so that problems can be solved without distracting you.
  • LTBackup & ProBackup: Self-service backup, meant to give you complete control over your data with servers located in Canada.
  • Bitdefender & Bitdefender Exchange: Powerful modular cloud-based security systems that don’t trade speed for protection.

Find out how much your could save from an Office 365 Migration here:

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