How to save money on technology while making collaboration easier at your multi-site company.

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations Vancouver Construction Industry

Running a competitive business that needs to move from location to location to serve clients can create tough challenges for internal communication and collaboration. Luckily, technology can work for you to bridge this gap and make the process seamless. Reliable communication is within reach with the power of Office 365 from Microsoft.

It’s time to transform your daily work experience while lowering your operating costs.  

Office 365 can make collaboration easier by allowing you to:

1. Touch base instantly:

Maintaining strong communication channels with employees who need to be off site to execute projects can be cumbersome, erratic and disruptive. With Office 365 working for your business, each employee’s smart phone can give them access to email and files anywhere, anytime. This means no more communication lags and an added professionalism to your service that gives your customer that “Wow!” experience.

2. Your office, anywhere:

Work wherever you need to with the unparalleled flexibility of Office 365. Take the enterprise tools you need to get the job done on the go with you. You’ll never need to be chained to your desk or make an extra trip to the office to finish your work because the tools you need will always be with you.


“There’s no such thing as a typical day in my line of work, and that’s what makes Office 365 so important. It gives me the flexibility to leave my desk behind and be out where I need to be, because wherever I am my tools and data are there, too.”

–              Patrick Wirtz, Innovation Manager at The Walsh Group.

3. Be ready for anything:

Storing your data in the cloud gives you the ability to access it on-demand whenever you want. Work emergency in the middle of the night? Access Office from your devices at home and put out fires without needing to rush out to the office. Need to work on a project at the airport terminal? Access all your files in minutes and get your work out of the way so you can enjoy your flight.

4. Have peace of mind:

With Office 365, Microsoft’s world-class security capabilities will be guarding your data. This assures that all your electronic files stay out of the wrong hands and are fully secure.

Eliminate wasteful downtime and allow technology to simplify operational headaches so that you can focus your time and energy on growing your business. Office 365 can optimize your project management process by creating seamless workflows. Harness this power to elevate your business to the cloud.


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