Adapt quickly to changing business needs

1/2 of business decision makers worldwide say the cloud lets them be more agile in their business operations.
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Scale up or down on Demand

Scale your business applications up or down with availability on demand, while only paying for what you use, with Microsoft Azure.

Add employees and apps as you go

Quickly equip employees with exactly the apps and services they need, as they need them with Microsoft Office 365. Make it easy for each employee to access all their apps and devices with a single sign-on using Azure Active Directory.

Run your business on the cloud

Get your always up-to-date business applications through a simple monthly subscription with Office 365. Replace large up-front costs with more affordable pay-as-you-go pricing by hosting apps on Microsoft Azure.


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Easily manage the data explosion

Excessive data growth is the #2 top IT challenge for mid-market businesses after budget constraints.1

Bottomless, affordable application storage

Get a cost-effective, instantly scalable solution for storing all of the growing data from your business applications with cloud-based Microsoft Azure Storage.

Flexible storage for employees' files and data

Easily access and work with your latest files with Microsoft OneDrive for Business, which synchronizes files across PCs and devices, whether online or offline.

Data-driven applications that keep up with your business

Make sure the database that drives your core business applications, like inventory or ordering systems, can keep up with data growth using in-memory performance in Microsoft SQL Server.


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Get more from your technology investments

61% of growth-oriented businesses are focused on moving from on-premises to cloud solutions.

Upgrade easily and affordably

With Microsoft Windows 10, you can get an in-place upgrade on your existing PCs or easily migrate to a range of affordable new devices. And with Windows as a service you can get security updates more quickly and reduce management costs.

The right devices at the right price

Get the right Windows 10 devices for your business, with a wide range of price points and a selection of innovative features and form factors.

Get the most from your servers with Microsoft's hybrid platform

Move to the cloud while getting the most out of your on-site servers, with Microsoft Azure, Windows Server and Azure Log Analytics.


Reduce the cost and complexity of IT

52% businesses worldwide say the cloud makes their IT staff more productive.
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Easily manage who can access what

Microsoft Windows 10 PCs and devices use the same identity service as Microsoft Office 365, making a single identity-and single sign-on-possible across Office 365, Windows devices, and more than 2,400 Microsoft Azure Active Directory apps.

Get automatic updates, from cloud to devices

Reduce time spent keeping everyone up to date and know you've always got the latest tools and software with Office 365 and Windows Update for Business.

Simplify application management

Centrally acquire, distribute, and manage apps for your employees using your own category in the Microsoft Store for Business.