5 compelling reasons to use Cloud Computing

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing For Your Business

Cloud computing is a revolution in IT resources for businesses. There are many reasons why cloud computing has become the new industry standard. If your business is not already harnessing the power of cloud computing, you may need to catch up fast.

Here are 5 reasons why Cloud Computing is the superior choice:

It saves money

On-site data centers require large upfront investments, in addition to large maintenance and repair costs. With cloud computing, you no longer need to invest your capital resources in buying hardware and software to be used on site at your business. You also no longer need to have round-the-clock electricity to power these servers, cool them and keep them running. With cloud computing, you pay pay-per-use fees and can be more flexible with the services that you do use. There are no physical restrictions to the services that you get access to and you don’t need to take on the additional role of managing physical servers.

It’s the fastest way to access resources

By compiling resources, cloud computing uses the advantages of economies of scale to deliver high speed service to all users. Using cloud computing means that you get to access resources on demand and get full control over what you want to do. You no longer need to plan capacity.

It frees up IT staff resources

To ensure your business is up and running, IT staff need to do many different maintenance chores to look after on-site data centers. This includes hardware set up, software patching as well as countless other tasks. By outsourcing your data centers to the cloud, you get your IT staff capacity back and can focus their talents on value creating activities, rather than on maintaining the status quo.

It allows for expansion, globally

Being mobile geographically removes restrictions on your business growth. With cloud computing, you have the ability to scale elastically. This means your data is dynamic and can be delivered anywhere at any time. If you need to increase computing power, bandwidth or storage and give access to users across the globe, you can do this in the snap of a finger!

It’s secure

Cloud computing providers have specialist knowledge on policies, technologies and controls. Allowing their expertise to guard your data against threats  strengthens your technology posture and can give you peace of mind that your data is in the best hands.


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