5 Things About Microsoft Office 365 You May Not Have Known

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Using Office 365 is a great way to increase collaboration and productivity at your organization. Its powerful cloud-based technology is affordable and reliable which is why it’s been a favourite business productivity solution since it launched. Office 365 includes the full suite of software that your business needs, and it can simplify the business technology infrastructure that your business uses which leads to lower maintenance costs and fewer headaches.

1. It’s always secure

Instead of receiving a software disk to install on your devices, the entire Office 365 software suite can be downloaded to your device. Additionally, all your files would be saved to the cloud (through Microsoft’s OneDrive, a PC Magazine Editor’s Choice awarded cloud file storage and syncing service). Office 365 meets industry-standard security compliance needs. Additionally, as an administrator you have ultimate control over data sharing. Say hello to having peace of mind!


2. It lets you get work done – anywhere, anytime

As long as you have an internet connection, either through wi-fi or even through the data on your mobile devices, you can access all of your files wherever you are and you can get straight to work. If your organization has remote or offsite staff, this is the solution you need to engage your staff and allow them to do their best work, wherever they need to be.

3. It’s easy to scale

If your business is expanding, you need flexible business solutions that are agile enough for your evolving business needs. With Office 365, you can change your plan at any time to cater towards what you need right when you need it. Don’t worry about being locked into services that may not work for your business long-term. Office 365 allows you to make decisions as they are needed, rather than far in advance before you can be certain of what you need. If you need to make a switch, you can make it happen in just a few clicks.

4. It eliminates licensing headaches

Having inconsistent technology systems throughout your organization can create huge interruptions in workflow. These are preventable hassles! With Office 365 you can get your entire organization on a consistent and reliable platform so that no employee is left behind with using old, out-dated software.

5. It promotes collaboration and team unity

An organization is as strong as its team. Connected and motivate your team through a variety of different services such as the social media platform Yammer, the project management and communications platform Teams or the communication platform Groups. Build team engagement and take down communication barriers.


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