5 Things About Microsoft Office 365 PowerPoint You’ll Kick Yourself for Not Knowing

PropelU Cloud Solutions Office 365 PowerPoint Cheat Sheet

PowerPoint is an incredible presentation tool that is easy, as well as fun, to use. It’s one of the key programs in the Office 365 suite. Over the years, the program has evolved from simple slide making functionalities to incorporate advanced image manipulation tools, video conversion features and smart technology. Mastering the ins and outs of PowerPoint can save you lots of time on your next presentation, and make you look like a tech wizard to your colleagues.


Here are 5 hidden features of PowerPoint you can start using today.


1. Background removal

PropelU Cloud Solutions Office 365 PowerPoint Cheat Sheet

Getting rid of the background in images can make a world of difference in the final look and feel of your presentation because it can clean out the clutter and polish up your look. It’s also a fun way to make collages and make images more versatile for your presentation needs. PowerPoint simplifies the process of background removal. Simply draw over the areas you’d like to eliminate and watch them disappear. No photoshop needed!


2. Smart Lookup

PropelU Cloud Solutions Office 365 PowerPoint Cheat Sheet PropelU Cloud Solutions Office 365 PowerPoint Cheat Sheet

PowerPoint now allows you to harness the power of Bing Insights directly within the PowerPoint system.  Simply select a word or phrase in the body of your text boxes and right click the highlighted text to access the “Smart Lookup” option.  Smart Lookup helps you find beautiful images for your presentation by searching through the images on Bing and can also be used to find information on the internet through the Oxford dictionary, Wikipedia and Bing Snapshot.


3. PPT to Video Conversion PropelU Cloud Solutions Office 365 PowerPoint Cheat Sheet

If you want to time your presentation so that you don’t need to hit the “next” button while you’re speaking, or if you want to release your presentation online as a video you can easily save your presentation as a video right in PowerPoint. Don’t lose presentation quality or pay extra for needing to licence 3rd party conversion software. Time animations and transitions to the second. Also, you can easily add audio if you’d like to make an online tutorial to upload to YouTube.


4. Shape Combinations

PropelU Cloud Solutions Office 365 PowerPoint Cheat Sheet


Getting the right graphics to complement your presentation message can be a complicated process. Luckily PowerPoint makes it as easy as drag and drop and click “Shape Union”, “Shape Combine”, “Shape Intersect” or “Shape Subtract”. These features can be found in File > Options > Quick Access Toolbar > Choose commands from: | Commands Not in the Ribbon.


5. Smart ArtPropelU Cloud Solutions Office 365 PowerPoint Cheat Sheet

Smart Art is a wonderful way to create professional diagrams that visually illustrate your message. They’re useful for creating organizational charts, process flows, and many other diagrams. There are a wide variety of different types of Smart Art to choose from and you can customize them with colour combinations to add pizzazz to your next presentation.


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