5 Myths About Microsoft Office 365: Busted

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With the high volume of business software products on the market these days, Microsoft Office 365 remains a classic favourite for its holistic suite of business solutions. It provides businesses with security advantages, productivity and communication tools and an unmatchable level of reliability.

Read on to learn about the 5 most common misconceptions about Microsoft Office 365.


1. Office 365 is only an online service

While Office 365 is a cloud-based solution, only a few applications need an internet connection for them to be fully utilized. Otherwise, Office 365 applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel are all imported to your desktop device and can be used at their full capacity while you are offline. You can choose to edit your documents online if you’d like remote access to them or if you’d like to seamlessly collaborate with your colleagues on them.


2. Office 365 is the same as Office, just in the cloud

There are many additional benefits to using Office 365 vs a standard Office Pro license. A typical businesses favorite is the online hosted email and calendar service provided. Additionally there are powerful communication features such as instant message, presence sharing, and video conferencing platforms that enable collaboration across organizations.


3. Storing data in the cloud puts your data at risk

Contrary to popular belief, on site data storage systems are not more secure than the cloud. Founder of INVNT/IP Global Consortium, Mark Anderson, says that many organizations with on-premise systems are being routinely being hacked but aren’t able to catch these breaches. In comparison, Microsoft Office 365 guarantees a 99.9% uptime. You can rest easy that your data is being guarded with best-in-class protection.


4. Using Office 365 gives Microsoft my data

Unlike free email services such as Gmail and Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange does not review your private data for advertising purposes.  When you use Office 365, you retain full ownership and control over all data that is used and created on each platform. This is a part of Microsoft’s Data Processing Agreement. Your data stays private and in your hands.


5. Cloud migration is not worth the investment

Elevating your business to the cloud sets up your business to be successful in the competitive modern marketplace. It enables your business to take full advantage of growth opportunities when they become available and can make a huge impact in your business’ overall performance.  By partnering with an integrated IT support service to take care of the heavy lifting of the migration process, you ensure that the transition is well planned and executed.



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