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Cloud Computing According to Quora

Cloud Computing in Simple Terms

Cloud computing is becoming more and more widespread but its features and advantages can be confusing. Read this Amazon Developer’s explanation to understand cloud computing in layman terms. Nishant breaks down cloud computing by comparing it to the process of making pizzas!
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The key benefits of Cloud Computing

What does cloud computer offer you and your business? Read this Cloud Architect explanation to understand how cloud computing operates with illustrative graphics and bite-sized pieces of information.
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How does Cloud Computing fit into the future of technology?

Cloud computing is becoming the dominant form of data management. It provides powerful advantages such as economies of scale, data security, and energy efficiency. Learn more about how cloud computing will shape the future.
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What are the key trends in Cloud Computing?

There are 5 major trends in cloud computing: private clouds, hybrid cloud, platforms as a service (PaaS), cloud applications and software as a service. Learn more about each to stay on top of where the industry is going.
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What are the key deployment models in Cloud Computing?

There are 3 major deployment in cloud computing: private clouds, public clouds and hybrid clouds. Learn about which may be the best fit for your business needs.
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