4 ways you can be productive on the go with Microsoft Outlook

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Outlook mobile was released 3 years ago and has helped individuals communicate and collaborate through first-class features and productivity capabilities. With Outlook, you’re able to share Office 365 documents, create to-do lists to keep track of all of your tasks and store important event information.

Outlook has unique capabilities when matched with the rest of the Office 365 suite.  There are deep integrations with key Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Here are 4 ways Microsoft Outlook improves your ability to be productive.

View attachments within the Outlook Mobile App

Are you a project lead that needs to review and edit documents on the fly? No need to switch from your phone to another device in order to get work done. With the updated version of Outlook, you can open email attachments and directly edit the Word, Excel or PowerPoint file. This integration makes it quick and simple to provide rapid feedback to your team and keep the ball rolling on your most important projects.

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Focused Inbox – Get above the noise

One of the most frustrating problems of being a modern working professional is the endless stream of emails that flood our inbox. Outlook has an inbuilt filter that allows you experience an organized inbox, without all the junk that steals your time.


Microsoft Outlook Inbox Office 365


Custom Actions to Organize and Prioritize Your Emails

We all are well aware of the benefits of staying organized. What gets in the way most of the time is the demanding amount of time and energy that is required to create and maintain order. Outlook makes this easy. You can swipe left or right to archive, delete, move, flag and mark as read/unread or schedule emails. With these functionalities, you can organize your inbox in under a minute a day. One of our favorite features is the “Schedule Email” option that allows you to address important emails when you have time later on. You’ll receive a notification to take a look at the email at a later time which helps prevent any messages from falling through the cracks. Take back your schedule and improve your work quality by using Outlook’s swipe features.

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“Send Availability” Feature – Schedule meetings with ease

With how packed and unpredictable everyone’s schedules are these days, it can be a difficult process to coordinate meeting times. Outlook’s calendar is integrated with your inbox so that your email application has the smart capability of checking your calendar with you. Within Outlook there is a “Send Availability” feature that lets you easily add your availability in an email body. Once a meeting time is selected, you can also create the event within Outlook so that the entire process can be completed within one application.

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