4 Innovative and practical technology solutions for reliable elderly care

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In the elderly care healthcare industry, accuracy and reliability are the name of the game. Care details for each patient need to be cautiously monitored and medical instructions need to be followed to the T. The myriad of operations and care details can be over-whelming, but technology can simplify that process while substantially lowering operating costs.

Here’s how:

  1. Speed up your product development with the best in class productivity tools:

Customize your technology services to suit your needs with the agility and flexibility of Office 365. Get the leading productivity tools with advanced features to upgrade your product abilities, implement new ideas quickly and rapidly evolve with the ever-changing healthcare environment.

  1. Get the right technology infrastructure in place to enable rapid company growth:

The rapidly accelerating need for digital solutions to healthcare challenges means that healthcare service providers need to be agile and adaptable in order to be competitive. Inflexible internal technology can inhibit company growth when it is needed the most. Don’t be late to the game, get a head start by taking advantage of Office 365’s always up to date services that can be catered to your changing needs instantly. Get a strong foundation of underlying technology infrastructure to rely on.

“We’re moving toward a more consumer-driven, mobile-friendly product that can run on smartphones, and Azure gives us a goldmine of tools to implement new ways to make elder care easier.”

  • Claus Nielson, Cofounder and CTO of Sekoia


  1. Rest easy with industry standard healthcare security:

Medical industry clients are under immense regulatory pressure to carefully guard highly sensitive patient health information. Ensure that your own practices are HIPAA compliant so that clients can focus on your services’ unique benefits, rather than it’s potential risk factors – no matter how small they could be.  Office 365 has capabilities to be HIPAA compliant and PropelU Cloud Solutions’ migration services can ensure that you are set up to succeed.

  1. Reduce cloud costs to free up financial resources:

Slash the expense of on-site servers while not compromising customer experience.   “By switching to Azure Service Fabric, we reduced our server count from 100 to 5 and lowered our cloud costs by 70 percent,” CEO of Sekoia, an elderly care software company, says. “We’re using those savings to hire more developers to enhance our product.”



The wealth of cloud services included with Office 365 are the perfect building blocks for healthcare technology services that value providing innovative, yet affordable solutions. The unique features of Office 365 allow it to suit growing businesses that need the best tools to elevate their business above the competition.


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