3 ways to work together effortlessly Microsoft Planner

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Microsoft Planner makes project management and coordination a breeze. Improve collaboration on your team by ensuring everyone is on the same page and is up to date with project status. Here are some unique features of Microsoft Planner that could improve productivity at your business.

3 ways to work together effortlessly Microsoft Planner

Project Calendar: View Project Schedules and Timelines

The ability to visually showcase project timelines and plans can go a long way to ensuring each member of your team is on board with the project cycle. The Schedule view within calendars clearly outlines what events are taking place when and who is assigned to assist with what. This allows your team to be more prepared for the next steps of the project and plan around to make the project a success.

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Organize all the tasks that need to completed with Filtering capabilities

Ambitious projects require several phases of work, lots of collaboration and oversight on many moving parts. Make sense of the chaos with Microsoft Planner. Planner allows you to tag tasks so that they are assigned by area and by person. You can easily navigate the dozens, if not hundreds, of different tasks in the pipeline by filtering tasks by Due Date, Category (label) or the person that they are assigned to. Filtering tasks by due date is a great way to help advise you on how to prioritize your work. Additionally, the ability to filter by who the tasks is assigned to provides more transparency on who is doing what which helps build team morale and improve team collaboration because your team members will know who to ask if they have questions.

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Get reminders so that you can stay on top of your biggest priorities

In today’s workplace, all of us need to adapt to changing priorities and effectively manage competing demands. Allow software to assist you in this process and make juggling different tasks less exhausting. Planner allows you to set email notifications that provide you with summary reports on what needs to be done and what deadlines are coming up. This way, you have reliable information on what you need to work  on.

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