3 Ways to Train Your Staff on Microsoft Office 365

3 Ways to Train Your Staff on Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office’s classic applications, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint are built to be intuitive and easy to use. First time users can get through the ins and outs of Word and PowerPoint documents in just a few minutes. For staff that need to use these applications’ more advanced features, there is a wealth of online resources that can assist in educating them. For the more visual learners, there are plenty of free infographics that teach them how to complete tasks in these applications step-by-step. For the more auditory learners, there are plenty of videos and podcasts that can walk them through processes and help them learn through the mediums that they prefer.

Here are the 3 of the best mediums to learn Microsoft Office 365 skills on:


Lynda.com offers a variety of courses taught through video tutorials hosted by industry experts. Each video is professional quality and includes clear learning outcomes. Their platform makes it easy for your staff to pick and choose specific topics that they need to learn about which reduces the amount of time lost from general training that is not specialized enough for individual staff members.

Topics include:

  • Getting writing assistance from Editor
  • Turning data into maps in Excel
  • Setting access to linked files right within Outlook
  • Creating better PowerPoint lists with Designer
  • Using the math assistant in OneNote
  • Working with Microsoft To-Do and Forms

Wright State University – Office 365 Basics Training

User manuals can be extremely helpful for reference purposes and for finding specific tutorials on niche functionalities. You can easily search this 31-page guide for the exact function that you need to learn, and easily return to it in the future to get a brush up on the steps to complete that function. Saving this guide in your company’s shared documents file can empower employees to teach themselves the functionalities they need to complete their work and make them feel more confident with their productivity suite.

The guide includes:

  • Outlook setup and customization
  • Calendar setup and customization
  • OneDrive functionalities and options
  • Skype for Business tutorials
  • SharePoint instructions
  • ProPlus features overview

View this guide here

Collab365 Office 365 Podcasts

This series of Podcast’s discuss all things related to Office 365 including, PowerApps, SharePoint, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Teams and everything in between! You can listen through your desktop computer using the following SoundCloud playlist or on your mobile device through the Apple Podcast Application or the Google Play Store.

Topics include:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Conference/Showcase recaps
  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • And more!

View more episodes here

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