3 ways to Outsmart Your Coworkers on Microsoft Office 365 Excel

Outsmart your Coworkers Microsoft Excel

Excel has powerful capabilities to analyze data. Once you master Excel’s functionalities, you’ll be able to organize and manipulate data in seconds. Excel skills open many doors and are more learnable than you may believe.

Data Analysis in Excel

Count Instances
• Count Function – gives you the number of entries that contain numbers
o Write [ = COUNT(value1, [value2], …) ]

Value1Cell reference or range where you want to count numbers
Value2 (optional)Additional ranges where you’d like to count numbers

• Selective Counting – only count numbers that meet identified criteria
o Write [ = COUNTIF(range of values, criteria) ]
o I.e. COUNTIF(A2:A5,”apples”)

Logical Analysis

• IF statements use Boolean logic in excel and are useful for automating decisions. IF statements search if a condition is met and return “True” if it is and “False” if it is not.
o Write [ =IF (Logic_Test, Value_if_True, Value_if_False)]

Logic_TestExpression that will be evaluated
Value_if_trueOutput if the “Logic_Test” is true
Value_if_falseOutput if the “Logic_Test” is false

o Example: IF(B2<=100,”Below Cost”,”Markup”)
o This statement will return the result “Below Cost” if the value of the cell in B2 is equal to or under 100 and “Markup” if the value is above 100.

Flash Fill

• Flash Fill is a lesser known, newer feature of excel that makes it easy to break apart information from concatenated cells. For example, imagine you have a column of cells that detail the names of customers in the format “Last name, First name”. Let’s say you’d like to separate the list into separate “First Name” and “Last Name” columns. Will Flash Fill, you can type the first name in a new cell, click Flash Fill and excel will extract the first name from the previous column and fill out the rest of the list.

Flash Fill from Excel



Excel is the gold standard data management program on the market. Becoming a power user in excel should be a top priority. There are thousands of functionalities to learn and new features are released in updates every year. Switch to Microsoft Office 365 for your business today in order to harness the power of Excel for you.

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