3 Key Steps To Digitally Transforming Your Workplace

Driving a Digital Revolution at your Business PropelU Cloud Solutions

Driving change can feel like pushing a boulder up a hill. Staff may be attached to their routines and the comfort of familiarity. While the payoffs of implementing change are substantial in the long run, the transition period can be a bumpy road that requires careful navigation. PropelU Cloud Solutions offers leading insights on successfully implementing changes for huge returns on investment.

Here are the top areas to consider when implementing technology change at your organization.

Step 1: Create stakeholder buy-in

Changing the technology infrastructure of your business impacts each and every staff member regardless of seniority or role. This requires management of change from two directions: top-down and sideways. You’ll quickly notice that the enthusiasm about change will vary from department to department and from individual to individual. Desire for change can be evaluated on a spectrum from enthusiasts to skeptics. Skeptical staff may not see the value in additional features and functionalities, instead they should be shown how the changes will positively impact the work environment. Emphasizing improvements to workplace flexibility, such as enabling working from home, will speak to their values and help move them on the desire for change spectrum.


Step 2: Develop a clear roadmap

Technology infrastructure impacts most areas of your business. This means that a smooth upgrade requires extensive consideration of each impact area. When you start making a change checklist, you’ll quickly realize there are hundreds of tasks that need to be completed. Additionally you’ll need to ensure that enough efforts are being made to maintain the existing technology infrastructure while the transition period is ongoing. A thorough plan is necessary to guide all colleagues in the transition process, identify any areas that require additional attention and foresee specific product needs.


Step 3: Implementing the change plan

Curtailing any disruption in the change process can be a resource intensive ordeal. In order to ensure your digital transformation process is manageable to current staff and is set up for success, it can be the most cost-effective to seek specialized support. Experts in digital transformation know the best practices for communication change benefits, overcoming transition barriers and smoothly installing new tools. PropelU Cloud Solutions has created thousands of dollars in savings for our cloud migration clients. Our track record demonstrates our commitment to your success. Speak with us today to see how we can assist with your business objectives and implement a digital transformation in your workplace.


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