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At PropelU, we breathe technological effectiveness. Our mandate is simple: ensure that you have the tools necessary to bring your business and data into the 21st century.

Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to support companies along their technological journey by simplifying the adoption of cloud products, improving security, productivity and continuity. We optimize business performance to help you achieve a 3:1 return.

You get tangible, sustainable results that grow with your business. Find out how much you can save here.

Product Offerings

Business Productivity Solutions

Harness the power of the Cloud to ensure that you can see your data, no matter where it is, on any device. Elevate your business today.

Business Backup & Continuity Solutions

Protect your business from disaster and be back on line fast to minimize disruption.

Business Security Solutions

Be protected against threats from both within and without your organization with cutting-edge security and versioning solutions.

Installation Services and Support

Have our skilled implementation consultants guide you through your Microsoft 365 Cloud Migration.


ITCloud Solutions

ITCloud Solutions



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